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New Scientific Way To Cut Pizza

If you’re righteous to a fault about getting your fair share of pizza –that is if you have to share a pie -- we have good news for you—sort of.Mathematicians Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley at the University of Liverpool in London devised a way to slice and dice a pizza into almost endless identical slices with a method called monohedral disc telling, reports the New Scientist. The work builds on previous research that showed it was possible to cut a pie in 12 equal slices by cutting six pieces into a curvy star-shape from the center, and then halving...

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Get to know the Cappello's Crew: Director of Operations, Jillian Mitchell.

2016 is off to a great start for Cappello's and we're growing, a lot! With that said, we would like to introduce our new Director of Operations, Jillian. Jillian joins us with an extensive background in the natural foods industry. Read below to get to know her. How long were you with Whole Foods before joining Cappello's?I have been with Whole Foods Market for 12 years. I started before knowing much of anything about natural or organic foods and quickly found my passion within. I've appreciated learning more about our food system and what can be done to repair it, the importance of...

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My CrossFit Philosophy by Kristin Kaschak

We asked CrossFitter Kristin Kaschak what her philosophy behind CrossFit was... Here's what she had to say:When I started CrossFit it was kind of by accident. My boyfriend/coach opened Absolute Strength Gym in NJ and they affiliated in 2010. So I started doing CrossFit. First of all, I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to exercise. I loathe endless running or hundreds of the same thing over and over completely mindlessly. When I got into CrossFit, I was learning something new every day, I had to pay attention, plus there was just no time to be...

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Cappello's Chats With CrossFitter, Kaleena Ladeairous

 With our CrossFit focus for the new year, we got the chance to catch up with CrossFitter, Kaleena Ladeairous.  Read the quick chat below to find out some insight on her start with CrossFit.  What influenced you to start CrossFit?My ex. She had been doing it for months and adored it and thought I would be good at it. So she convinced me to try it. It took 9 months for me to go with her, but once I did, I was hooked!Do you prefer to compete in teams or as an individual? After going to the games on a team,...

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Cappello's and CrossFit

As some of you may know, the CrossFit community is one of our largest followings. We receive all sorts of engagement from CrossFitters on a daily basis. It's important to know where something came from, so you can know where you're going so we gathered some key points about CrossFit. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with our CrossFit focus for the new year.  What is CrossFit and where did it come from? CrossFit, Inc. is a fitness company founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000. Promoted as both a physical exercise philosophy...

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Cappello's in attendance at Planet LA Records food drive to support LA Mission

Planet LA Records brought together artists, friends and brand partners at The Eight Bar inside the new Whole Foods in downtown Los Angeles for performances and a food drive to support the LA Mission. Artists who performed include: Julia Price, Ulyseas, Megan Price, Katie Ferrara and many more. At the end of the night, there was a holiday jam, where everyone gathered around the microphone to sing carols. For 2016, Planet LA plans on being at Winter NAMM in January as well as putting on its regular showcase at Whole Foods in Austin, TX for South by Southwest. Cappello's couldn't...

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New Site Means New Stuff

If you haven't heard, we launched our new website today. This includes pizzas, products being shipped in increments of 8 instead of 4, and OVERNIGHT SHIPPING! Read below to get an overview of the whole shebang.  New URL -We can now be found at If you're not following us on social, just look for the icons on the bottom of our site and connect with us.  Get more for what you pay for -Orders are now shipped in packs of 8 instead of 4. This was done to ensure freshness and to provide the best shipping prices in the fastest way possible....

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Catching up with Caroline Potter & Colorful Eats

We got the chance to finally catch up with our first blogger to takeover the Cappello's Instagram, Caroline Potter and discuss how she got started in blogging and dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. Read full Q&A below! How did you get into cooking? I have always had a love for cooking ever since I was a little girl. I used to sit on the counter and help my Mom make dinner and my Dad make his famous Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (which I recreated for my cookbook)! Once I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in college and jumped into...

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