Cappello's and The Spunky Coconut

Cappello's and The Spunky Coconut

We got the opportunity to catch up with Kelly Brozyna, from The Spunky Coconut. Read the interview below. 

What initiated your interest in food and nutrition?

Before we had kids, I didn't know how to cook anything that wasn't from a box. It all began in 2004. I learned how to cook, and I became obsessed with nutrition because our kids had major health problems. I was searching desperately for answers for the girls that I got tested for celiac disease. I had thought that my gut problems were just normal like everybody had them. (Slapping my palm to my forehead now.) But the truth is that I had no idea what I was missing, food-wise. We eat so much more delicious food now than we ever did before.

You've come up with some creative dishes, the paleo pancakes you made were a hit with customers. Where does that inspiration come from?

Thanks! I always say that I don't ACTUALLY like to cook, but I LOVE to eat :-) I experimented with my pancake recipe for literally seven years before nailing it in 2014. My fans coined them #besteverpaleopancakes and they tell me that even their gluten-eating family members prefer them! That's the biggest compliment in my book :-) I refer to what I do as recreating my favorite recipes "spunky style". My style is to use as much coconut flour as possible because it's so nutritious. Coconut flour is basically protein and fiber; it's awesome for you. I blend coconut flour with arrowroot and sometimes nut flour or flax meal, depending on what I'm making, to get the best texture and flavor.

What does being gluten-free mean to you?

Being gluten-free changed my family's life. I'm so grateful for being gluten-free. And I wouldn't go back now, even if that was possible! Our gluten-free food is too good!

The name 'Spunky Coconut' is quite catchy. Why that choice?

It's an amusing story I think. It was a sunny day in Colorado (as usual), sometime in the spring of 2008. We were listening to music while the kids played in the living room. My husband remarked about the band we were listening to, "Hot Chip is a good name. You should do something like that: adjective + food noun." I agreed. "Well, I use a lot of coconut." I said, "It should be something Coconut. What about Funky Coconut?" Andrew shook his head, "It sounds like it's rotten." Ha! "How about Spunky Coconut?" I suggested. And that was that. We loved it.

Favorite Paleo dish?

I LOVE to eat; I really can't pick just one! I think besides my pancakes, one of my biggest successes is my dairy-free lasagna, made with Cappello's lasagna noodles, tomato sauce, and a mock-ricotta made with eggs and cashews that are completely amazing :-) It's also crazy good with pumpkin or squash instead of tomato sauce. Both variations are in my latest book, Easy Paleo Meals.

What are some things your followers can look forward to this summer?

My newsletter is a great place to catch up with me and get my most popular recipes of the week sent straight to your inbox! It also includes exclusive recipes, behind-the-scenes photos, coupons, and giveaways. We are currently working on Mugcake Kits. As soon as they're available, we will announce it in our newsletter! You can join HERE and get a free eBook when you do!

How can people who want to know more about you find you?

You can read 10 Not So Random Facts About Me :-) I'm also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I recently joined Snapchat as well.