GET TO KNOW THE CAPPELLO'S CREW: Office Manager, Lacee Jáuregui

Lacee joins the #CappellosCrew as the Office Manager. Well traveled military-brat Lacee was born in England and moved to the US all to live in California, Montana, Hawaii, and Colorado. To add to her worldliness, she also lived in Japan. She brings experience from Apple and ran ops for a startup hardware development firm. To add to her hustle, she was on an early morning paper route in college that spanned half of Boulder, Co. 

When she’s not killing it in the office, Lacee is an avid reader, an advocate of the arts, an admirer of the ocean, and adores the month of October.

Random facts about Lacee:
Surname is of Basque origin
Attended five universities and studied on three continents
Volunteer for two different programs, one teaching adults to use tech and the other as a counselor working the LGBTQ+ youth.