Our hardest working crew members are eager to meet you.

The cleanest, simplest, real foods, come from the cleanest, simplest, real-food ingredients. We’re excited to introduce you to some of the most important members of the Cappello’s crew!

Almond Flour

Is it weird that we cuddle a bag of almond flour at night?

No offense to our other ingredients, but Almond Flour is our favorite. It’s the most important member of our crew, and the one we hold nearest to our hearts. It’s nutritionally dense, packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats, naturally grain- and gluten-free and makes our foods taste amazing. Excuse us while we give it a hug.

Cage Free Eggs

If you're happy and you know it, lay an egg.

If our hens wore energy-conducting pedometers they’d create enough electricity to power a city. Okay that might not be true, but because our chickens are cage-free, and are fed a vegetarian, hormone and antibiotic-free diet, they lay great-tasting eggs filled with more omega 3’s and vitamins A and E.

Coconut Milk and Oil

The refreshing beverage of deserted islands everywhere!

Coconuts got their name from explorers who thought their 3 markings looked like a ‘coca’, or grinning face. Coconuts make us smile due to their many health benefits. They’re rich in antioxidants, manganese AND the mineral potassium (your skin & bones thank you)! They also help our cookies help YOU burn fat. Say what?!

Cassava Flour

The power of another awesome multitasking flour!

Cassava Flour binds the ingredients of our dough together AND gives it elasticity. It’s also high in fiber, B vitamins and vitamin C. That’s a lot of good stuff in one little flour. Maybe it deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, because if holding our dough together isn’t an act of valor we’re not sure what is.

Organic Maple Syrup

It may seem like maple trees just lazily stand around but au contraire!

They make a rich syrup that naturally sweetens all of our delicious cookie doughs, AND makes them healthier! Organic Maple Syrup has a lower glycemic index than sugar, contains antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation and may improve digestion. Maple trees are also masters at throwing shade. Don’t underestimate them!

Psyllium Husk

Oh don’t be /SILLY-um/! Or be /SILLY-um/ ‘cause it’s awesome!

Have you thought about your pancreas lately? Well Psyllium Husks are the husks from the seeds of the blond plantain and they’re good for your pancreas, your heart, digestion and more. Psyllium Husk binds our dough together while giving you tons of soluble fiber. Nothing silly about that (but still fun to say)!

Arrowroot Flour

Have you ever seen a more bad@$$ flour?

Is there anything Arrowroot Flour can’t do? We use it as a substitute for cornstarch, which sounds boring, but the opposite is true! This wise flour contains B Vitamins, iron and potassium, which help support heart health, circulation, metabolism and the immune system! Can Arrowroot Flour hot wire a car? It wouldn’t surprise us.

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV stands for Actual Cash Value, and Automobile Club de Vichy (that’s French).

If you add a ‘U’ in front, you get our version, UACV (Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar). We use it to give an extra zing to our pizza crusts so they taste more like bread. UACV has been shown to lower blood sugar and may help with weight loss, which is way more interesting than watching an Aircraft Cockpit Video (or IS IT?).

Tapioca Flour

It’s not just for Grandma’s puddin’ anymore.

It’s not just for hipster Grandma’s Boba tea either. From the cassava plant comes our pal Tapioca Flour, a gluten-free flour that’s great for baking. It’s so smooth we think it stole our wallet once (but it coulda been Grandma). Tapioca Flour’s smoothness makes our pastas feel silky soft just like traditional noodles.


Everything you need to know about honey without sticking your head in a beehive.

If humans could make a food as perfect as honey, we might have stingers on our butts to guard it just like bees do. Honey is a true miracle goo. It contains everything needed to sustain life: enzymes, water, minerals, and vitamins. It was so valued in the 11th century, people used it as a form of currency. We use it in our crust in place of sugar. It helps the dough rise faster and get nice and brown.

Sea Salt

All hail the salt of the sea!

‘Salt of the earth’ means very good, worthy and reliable. If you want to eat something that will dehydrate your body, and make your mouth feel like an old raisin, this kind of salt is reliable indeed! Salt from the sea, however, flavors food, won’t dehydrate, and adds trace minerals to your diet. Who’s worthy now?!