Meet Our New Cookie Dough Flavors

Chocolate Chip aka "Chip"

This charming chunk recently left the roll and is ready to explore life as a bachelor. “Chip” as his friends call him, comes from a wealthy family known for being the “Original Cookie.” He attended school at Choco University, all to drop out and start his own line of pasta. Crazy right?


Double Chocolate aka "DC"Double Chocolate aka "DC" isn't your average cookie. He's all about the dough. He's even claimed himself to be twice as good as Chip because according to DC, "there's more to love." DC’s true claim to fame is his organic lifestyle. He has a huge following on social media and influences a lot of people to follow a paleo diet.


Ginger Snap aka "Ginger"Ginger takes the saying "one tough cookie" to a whole new level. Banned from roller-derby for excessive aggression, Ginger now packs her punch in a different way. Totally against the idea that anyone should feel guilty for eating a cookie. Ginger went and saw a fortune cookie once, and was told: “she’s a different breed.” The only issue is, Ginger knows it.


Lemon Zest aka "Zest"If you want to be in the know, you have to know Zest. She is connected to everyone and everything. Although she's somewhat new to the scene, she has been on the underground circuit for quite some time, helping communities grow and connecting ingredients, vegans, and bakers alike. She makes her 5x7 packaging look like it was dipped in gold.


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