Our Deep mulch garden bed/Hugelkultur

This low maintenance approach to a garden bed is an example of biomimicry. The layers are like that of a forest. In the coming years, decomposition will be happening under the surface feeding nutrients to the plants above. We will not till or turn the soil because we’re  encouraging a happy ecosystem underground and preventing weed growth. The cardboard will also aid in discouraging weed growth from the ground below.


  • To give back - we’re donating the veggies we grow to Denver Food Rescue
  • To put our unused outdoor space to good use and be a good example of growing food holistically and inexpensively
  • To cocreate in a new way together


  • Why didn’t we use a wood perimeter? It’s not necessary with this method and we wanted to demonstrate that you can grow an abundance of food without spending much money. In fact, you can find all of these materials for free.


  • Over the course of time the soil will become nutrient dense because of the decomposition that is happening in the layers below. It takes a lot of work to make a hugelkultur bed but will require very little maintenance for years to come. When you don’t turn/till the soil, you allow the natural process to take place. You are creating a healthy ecosystem that is self sustaining.


View the technique here

Plant starts were purchased from The GrowHaus

Check out our infographic below on how to create this process yourself.