We asked Chat GPT to explain grain free from the POV of a 10 year old.

Drawing of grain from POV of a 10 year old

Here's what it said: 

Have you ever heard of grains? Grains can be in foods like bread, cereal, pasta, and rice that many people eat every day. While grains can be healthy in moderation, eating too many grains can cause problems for our bodies.

When we eat too many grains, our bodies turn the excess into sugar and store it as fat. This can make us gain weight and feel unhealthy. Additionally, grains have things in them called "anti-nutrients" that can stop our bodies from absorbing important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This can make us feel sick and have tummy troubles.

Eating too many grains can also cause something called inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is like a fire inside our body that happens when we get hurt or sick. While some inflammation is good, too much can cause problems like heart disease and other illnesses.

Finally, grains can affect the "good bacteria" in our tummies. Our tummies have lots of tiny living things called "bacteria" that help us stay healthy. Eating too many grains can make it hard for the good bacteria to do their job, which can make us feel yucky.

So, going "grain-free" means eating less or no grains at all. This can help us lose weight, absorb important nutrients better, and reduce inflammation and tummy troubles. It can also help the good bacteria in our tummies stay healthy.