Szechuan Chili Oil & Low-Carb Dan Dan Noodles

From the blog:

Against such a vivid tapestry of spice and seasoning, the noodles need to be a strong vehicle for taste. I’ve tested a few low-carb noodles, and Cappello’s almond flour noodles are a clear standout. Unlike the other options out there, they don’t compromise texture in the slightest. Shirataki noodles are a bit flimsy and too light to be truly satisfying; spiralized vegetables have a tendency to get soggy and weep into your plate. Neither have the robustness to stand up to the dan dan sauce onslaught solo. The Cappello’s almond flour noodles, in contrast, are essentially indistinguishable from the flour-based alternative and actually do a much more impressive job of soaking up the oil.

Get the full recipe here.

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