Jalapeño Popper Pizza

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Jalapeño Popper Pizza


  • 1 Cappello's Naked Crust 
  • 3 slices bacon thick-cut bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup yellow onion, diced 
  • 4 ounces of cream cheese, cut into 2-inch cubes 
  • 1/4 cup sour cream 
  • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced 
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, sliced into thin rings 


  • Preheat oven to 425 F. Place a baking sheet on the middle rack while the oven preheats. 
  • Add cut bacon to a large skillet set over medium-high heat. Cook, turning occasionally until cooked to desired crispiness, 5-6 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to remove the bacon and place it on a plate that has been lined with paper towels. Leave the bacon grease in the pan. 
  • Add the onions to the pan. Cook until soft and translucent, 3-5 minutes. 
  • Add garlic; continue to cook for 2 more minutes. Turn heat to medium-low.
  • Add cream cheese, sour cream, salt, and black pepper to the onion mixture. Stir until cream cheese has melted and the mixture is smooth. Remove from heat. 
  • Spread the cheese mixture evenly over the pizza crust. 
  • Top with mozzarella. Evenly scatter bacon pieces and jalapeño pepper rings over the top.
  • Place pizza directly on the preheated baking sheet. Cook for 11-15 minutes, or until the crust begins to brown. Slice and serve.

Kids Can Do

  • Make the cream cheese mixture
  • Spread the cream cheese mixture
  • Add the bacon<