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GET TO KNOW THE CAPPELLO'S CREW: Office Manager, Lacee Jáuregui

Lacee joins the #CappellosCrew as the Office Manager. Well traveled military-brat Lacee was born in England and moved to the US all to live in California, Montana, Hawaii, and Colorado. To add to her worldliness, she also lived in Japan. She brings experience from Apple and ran ops for a startup hardware development firm. To add to her hustle, she was on an early morning paper route in college that spanned half of Boulder, Co.  When she’s not killing it in the office, Lacee is an avid reader, an advocate of the arts, an admirer of the ocean, and adores...

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Cappello's and The Spunky Coconut

We got the opportunity to catch up with Kelly Brozyna, from The Spunky Coconut. Read the interview below.  What initiated your interest in food and nutrition?Before we had kids, I didn't know how to cook anything that wasn't from a box. It all began in 2004. I learned how to cook, and I became obsessed with nutrition because our kids had major health problems. I was searching desperately for answers for the girls that I got tested for celiac disease. I had thought that my gut problems were just normal like everybody had them. (Slapping my palm to my forehead...

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GET TO KNOW THE CAPPELLO'S CREW: Creative Director, Jeff Fierberg

A Denver native, we’re glad to have Jeff Fierberg joining us as our new Creative Director. Jeff comes to us from RE/MAX and his own production company, Sora Digital. With nearly a decade of experience working in production and marketing, Jeff has experience working across industries from tech to outdoor retailers. Alongside his production career, Jeff is a climber as at home in the bouldering fields of Utah as he is on a film shoot. Besides scaling big walls and boulders, Jeff is a champion of Gifs and movie references, an avid lover of Drake and Thai food. We’re so...

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Traveling While Gluten-Free

The summer season is upon us and traveling while maintaining a gluten-free diet can be challenging. Here are some tips on how to overcome the obstacles you may face while out and about in the world.  Research, research, research When traveling with an eating restriction, a good chunk of the unease stems from the unknown. What ingredients are used in different countries? What is safe? I start out by researching the cuisine in a place using Wikipedia. Then, I break down the ingredients in the main dishes for that city or country in a spreadsheet. Do recipes call for flour...

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Addicted to Cheese?

Your cheese addiction may indeed be real. And, my fellow cheddar fiend, you are not alone.A recent University of Michigan study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine looked at why certain foods are more addictive than others. Not surprisingly, pizza topped the list, and the ingredient in the wondrous pie that calls to us most strongly (often late in the night; sometimes even at the gym) is the cheese on top.Most Americans eat 35 pounds of cheese a year. Since 1970, Americans have more than tripled our cheese consumption, according to an article in about the new...

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Clean Eating On The Rise

No doubt about it, “clean eating” is coming into its own. Once associated in the general public’s mind with well-meaning but rather eccentric types, the phrase — and even the concepts behind it — seem to be reaching a proverbial awareness tipping point. Of course, there are still many who’ve yet to investigate what clean eating is all about, and many likely to assume it’s just another flash-in-the-pan diet, like fat-free, high protein or … fill in the blank. But clean-eating experts and average practitioners say that the whole point is that it’s not an unsustainable diet craze, but a lifestyle...

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Cascadian Farm™ Commits to Funding Pollinator Habitat at Organic Supplier Farms by 2020

Cascadian Farm, a certified organic food brand founded in 1972, has announced that they will be working with the Xerces Society to plant thousands of acres of pollinator habitat at the brand's supplier farms by the end of 2020. Cascadian Farm has been working with The Xerces Society, a leader in pollinator conservation, for several years to protect pollinators and their habitat. This expanded partnership represents a first-of-its kind effort to conserve pollinators, bringing together an organic brand, farmers, and scientists to work on this shared goal. Pollinators – chiefly bees – are necessary for the reproduction of nearly 85...

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Paleo-diet debates evolve into something bigger

The article kicked off not just a diet but also a movement. Appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 1985, “Paleolithic Nutrition: A Consideration of Its Nature and Current Implications” argued that the human body is “genetically programmed” to run not on a modern diet but on the foods consumed by our Stone Age ancestors.“The human genetic constitution has changed relatively little since the appearance of truly modern human beings, Homo sapiens sapiens, about 40,000 years ago,” S. Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner wrote.The authors reasoned that human bodies have been shaped more by our prolonged time...

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