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What Are You Free From?

Whether or not 2016 was a good year for you or not, 2017 is here, and we think it's going to be a great one. January is almost always a month for change, and at Cappello’s we believe that setting up your year right means making changes, and proclamations to keep and follow, so if your new year plan includes a whole30 cleanse or you just want to floss more regularly, we support you.Free From Grain, Free From Debt, Free From Bieber. Whatever it is, be free from something in 2017 with us! We can’t wait to see what you...

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The Ultimate Subscription

  Start 2017 off right. We now offer a subscription on our One of Everything pack, at a 10% discount. Orders will be charged every month on the date of purchase, and shipped on the next shipping day. To manage your subscription, click here.  

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The holidays are right around the corner. With that being said, we made some tweaks to our shipping times and dates. Please see below:NO SHIPPING ON:November 23rd, 24th, 25th. Orders placed during the holiday weekend will be sent out the 28th and 29th.Keep up with us on social media for details. 

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Meet Our New Cookie Dough Flavors

Chocolate Chip aka "Chip" This charming chunk recently left the roll and is ready to explore life as a bachelor. “Chip” as his friends call him, comes from a wealthy family known for being the “Original Cookie.” He attended school at Choco University, all to drop out and start his own line of pasta. Crazy right?   Double Chocolate aka "DC"Double Chocolate aka "DC" isn't your average cookie. He's all about the dough. He's even claimed himself to be twice as good as Chip because according to DC, "there's more to love." DC’s true claim to fame is his organic...

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More calories consumed from subsidized food commodities linked to cardiometabolic risks.

Current federal agricultural subsidies focus on financing production of food commodities, a large portion of which are converted into high-fat meat and dairy products, refined grains, high-calorie juices and soft drinks (sweetened with corn sweeteners), and processed and packaged foods.Karen R. Siegel, Ph.D., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, and coauthors used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2001 to 2006 to calculate an individual-level "subsidy score" for consumption of subsidized food commodities as a percentage of total calorie intake.The study, which relied on a single day of 24-hour dietary recall, included 10,308...

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Wheat Sensitivity Is Real (Even if It’s Not Celiac Disease)

If you think you have general wheat sensitivity and tire of your friends smirking when you reveal why you try to avoid foods like pasta and bread, you now may have a scientific reason to back up your dietary preferences. The groundbreaking report comes from a group of scientists out of Columbia University University Medical Center.Published in the journal Gut, the recent research may have cracked the code as to why some people have wheat sensitivity. This study differs from those that have come before it because it didn’t examine celiac wheat sensitivity, but the harder to define “general” wheat...

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5 easy meal prep tips

  A proper meal prep plan is a great start to your week. Here are some tips to help get the ball rolling.1. MAKE TIMEFor meal prep to work, you have to actually find time to cook! Sunday works the best for most people for obvious reasons—it’s closest to Monday to keep your food fresh throughout the week, and it’s a weekend so you have time off. Even if you don’t have much time on Sunday (you’ll need 2-3 hours), just getting the shopping out of the way or getting the prep out of the way will still save you...

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GET TO KNOW THE CAPPELLO'S CREW: Office Manager, Lacee Jáuregui

Lacee joins the #CappellosCrew as the Office Manager. Well traveled military-brat Lacee was born in England and moved to the US all to live in California, Montana, Hawaii, and Colorado. To add to her worldliness, she also lived in Japan. She brings experience from Apple and ran ops for a startup hardware development firm. To add to her hustle, she was on an early morning paper route in college that spanned half of Boulder, Co.  When she’s not killing it in the office, Lacee is an avid reader, an advocate of the arts, an admirer of the ocean, and adores...

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