Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough
Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough
Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough
Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough
Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

There’s butter, and then there’s organic brown butter ghee— toasted to bring out a rich, nutty flavor. These cookies are a new twist on an old favorite, made 'bakery style' with a crispy, yet gooey texture. You’ll be wondering why all butter isn’t browned. And we agree. 

  • 11 min cook time
  • Frozen and ready to bake
  • Made with real butter, pasture-raised eggs and clean oils
  • Gluten Free

Cappello's is helping nurture the resilience of the planet as a founding member of The Almond Project. This multi-year, farmer-led partnership is committed to implementing and studying regenerative farming practices.

Featured recipe: Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Confetti Sandwiches

Gluten free flour blend (almond flour, arrowroot flour, white rice flour, organic coconut flour), cane sugar, organic coconut oil, eggs, water, organic brown butter ghee (organic clarified butter), raw cane sugar,lemon juice, sea salt, baking soda, natural flavor

Contains almond, coconut, egg, milk

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. Place frozen cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet.
3. Bake on middle rack for 12-14 minutes. (Oven temperatures and cook times will vary.)
4. While you wait for your cookies tocool, write your own fortune for each cookie.

Nutritional Data and Certifications

Net Weight: 12oz (340g)
Storage: Keep Frozen

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Brown Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

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